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Well, this time I'll my OC's do the talking. I think they'll say something about this. I'm quite busy doing Algebra Homework right now. So, I'll let them do the talking...

Kurt: Hey, Ayako, nice meeting ya! :D So um, well, for starters, I like what you did to the background, it does represent the sky above, and I like it. The perspective is also good, it just shows that you are really running, with style, that is! The colors you used are excellent. They seem to blend well with the picture; not too bright or dark. The proportion of your body is great, well, except the right leg, if I'm not mistaken. To sum it all, I give it a thumps up! How 'bout you sis?

Alice: Okay, bro, I'll take it from here. :) Let's start with your current apparel, shall we? Okay, about it, it really gives me nostalgia, back to the day when I was studying in elementary school in Japan. It also reminds me of a particular Anime I watch back then too, I forgot what it is, though. The skirt is a bit "short" for my taste, but nevertheless I still like it. That bag you have has a really good affect on you, and I can see that. Your body has a great shape, and the only thing that is not right is your leg, it doesn't have the right proportion. Overall, you did a great job; 4 out of 5, and it also brings back my memories when I was young.
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