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Will Rivera
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there, you probably don't know me, but I'm usually a guy who finds interests in artworks especially including one of my favorite themes like action, adventure, comedy, mixed, or something like that sort. I probably started at March 2012 where everything is new to me, hehe.

I'm also a Huge Anthro Fan, especially when it's gone from medieval to the future ages where I like to see. The ones I love the most is what inspires me to create my artwork and what gives me motivation to join DevArt.

I know art well enough. I know I didn't discovered my full potential yet. But, if you help me, I can fulfill my goals. If you want any help in some drawings or most novels, I 'll be there. Just don't annoy me... seriously...

I have some experiences in art, I am still learning and yet I'm also improving. My goal is to be successful not only in art but also in life.

I'm creating some different types of art and web comics, so if you like to check them, go ahead!
Heya guys, I wasn't able to anything at the moment because I'm so busy that I'm not doing any artworks. So, that means I won't be that frequent here anymore. That's why you would only see me facing some artworks here. Good News though, my artwork is much improving, but I still need to find that specific style I really need.

About the news here and out there, yeah I read them. I cannot say them anymore because time change so fast nowadays.

Your condolences, ~aboutpictures
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  • Reading: some good webcomics
  • Watching: some of my inspired artists
  • Playing: Star Craft 2
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  • Drinking: Clean and potable water, of course!


We came to the gate. Eventually, there was a knight standing on a corner, not to mention him wearing a hood too. Not that I didn’t mind it, but some changes may had happened here before.

“Halt! Who goes there?” The guard blocked us. “I needed to see your passports and identification letters to get through.”

I, Tillie, Tony, and Tom showed both the passports and the identification letters. There were increase in crimes back then, and the law enforcers made sure that people were safe from the rising threat. Rumors had it that there were organizations that were kidnapping animals these days. They then shifted into another place so that they cannot be easily spotted. The so called “Azure Assassins” or whatever the knights called them can’t track them down. We were permitted to get in, but there’s something he warned.

“Watch out for falling debris. The construction workers are getting clumsier these days. And when you’re going out, make sure you show me these again.”

He was right about the falling materials. Tom’s tail was crunched by a pipe with an inch on diameter, and we almost got lost in the crowd.

“They should build a road or a net here or something!” Tony complained.

“The ‘Men at work’ signs at least.” Fiddle rubbed his tail.

“Well, you can’t blame ‘em if they’re not noticing th’ hardworking employees these days! At least we’re stronger than those lazy tails.” Tony seemed to be boastful.

We went through a hole which seemed to be the entrance. You will be surprised that the warehouse was humungous. I mean, imagine seeing a space at least 70 yards wide and 40 yards in length, but two to three times larger than usual. You’ll see there the printing presses or typewriters, paper stacks, packages, employees, cabinets and many more. I wondered what article was next to being written or printed.

“All must aboard. Who will go down?” An elevator cat said with a bell in his hand. “It will lead you to the editing office.”

“I think this as is far I have to go.” Tony leaving, “We’ll meet again later!”

“Goodbye, Tony. See you later!” We waved, and he and we separated.

   Going on with the electric steam operated elevator, it was one of the newest things we’d ever seen since it was a project created by architects and engineers, not to mention other anthros cannot fit in to the old one, which is like a pulley machine; to reach their destination fast when they started working here, which was to me my surprise.
“We would like to take the elevator please?” Tom asked.

“Alright, all hop in and careful though, this might cause your tails to stick in one of those edges.”

We went in and the elevator door closed. Just like the steam pulley, it only took seconds to go one place to another without hesitation, only with more convenience. As we hopped out, our boss, Francis Dailey, was standing at the opening, expecting to see us. He kind of looked upset at us because you-know-what time it was. I didn’t know the ferret whose standing next beside him. He’s light brown in color, black eyes, wore a straw hat, long black stripped sleeves that’s folded, dark slacks, and held in his forepaw was somewhat a diploma or a note. This furry gave me somewhat creeps when I first looked at him.

“Well, I had never thought of a day were my best employees were twenty minutes late, and this was the time I may gave them extra credit on their job well done.” He notified, with his finger tapping.

“We’re sorry, sir. We were caught off in a middle of something and it took us time to find an alternative passage to go to the company.” My sister asked for an apology. “We seemed to have a blocked path and a troubled mouse that needed our help. Please, we have no intention whatsoever to be late for work, only on this day.”

“With an excuse or not, young lady, this leads me no choice but to decrease you and your companions’ salary until next month. Until then, you can only have the half of a third of your earnings as well as to postpone your promotion.” Our boss did not agree with us alright. Instead, he ignored our reasons to make sure we won’t do anything like that next time. “Tom Fiddle, let me introduce to you your manager.” The other mouse stepped forward. “This is John Neville, in-charge on business articles and an economy and journalist expert. He will teach you how to include prices of products, reporting importations and exportations, write articles about taxation, and other well economic news basis. He will accompany you right away.”

“Come on now, Tom. You must learn the things that should be needed.” And then, Tom went to him and they both gone to another place, until then, we assumed to our work.

I felt so bad that our salary had been cut off. Those hardworking times were ruined by one seemingly, stupid crowded day. Another one was that I had to arranged those old newspapers alphabetically which took me hours, instead of delivering letters, packages, and notes which I should be doing right now in my “pigeonhole”. Trisha cannot think of any kind of article to discuss today. Mr. Francis was checking all the news he can get from the workers and the reporters. That reminded me, Flying Nell came dashing through the room and spilling all the news she can get. Sometimes, I would accompany her whenever she would go and investigate. I remembered one time she reported the “Amberfall Avarice” the first time I worked in the Daily Nibbler.

“Francis, I have just received news from the people that there are avarices roaming around the streets of Amberfall again. But this time they said that it is very unusual for these demons to crawl in such large groups. So far they are just causing a lot of property damage and few casualties; however their attacks are quite specific and coordinative than the usual rampages. To addend up the content, signs of kidnapping went up to the peak, meaning more people are missing, especially the Jubelius Knights. It might have something to do with the Azure Assassins.”

“A job well has done, Nellie. I recommended that this will be put on the general news, front page. Ms. Matthews, can I request that you type this new information?”

“Yes, sir, I will accomplish this right away.” My sister started jabbing some notes and tabbing keys on the typewriter hastily.

“Mr. Matthews, I’m assigning you a new objective. You must deliver these letters alone. I want to give them the information, gathered by Nell, to the castle so that they will give emphasis on what’s happening right now and give you additional training in journalism and as a messenger, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir, I’m on it right now!” I struggled to get my coat, my cap, and my bag full of writing papers and a pencil. This will be my first time delivering the messages to the castle. Actually, this was my first time delivering outside the company without anyone to accompany me, mostly to other experienced messengers. I bothered not to say farewell to everyone because time was in the essence…again. I wondered how dangerous the streets can be, I mean it wasn’t that risky the last time. Oh boy, I really have a bad feeling about going out on my own now.

Suddenly, something caught my eye while I was going up inside the elevator, it was John Neville! He was at the corner, staring lifelessly at me. Was he watching? Is he examining my every move? I pushed that out of might mind, but I still wondered about him and what his intentions in working on this place. By the way, what was that paper holding in his paw was about?
AFSFS Chapter 4
As usual, I post this late again. Anyways, you can see here that my chapters are quite short. That's because I want to be quick and simple. For now, enjoy the page.

(C) Vangard (and Amberfall; because I might include some references from them later) belongs to :icon7theaven:

(C) An American Tail (the former reference) belongs to Don Bluth and its productions

(C) Fiction belongs to me


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Previous - AFSFS Chapter 3
Practice VTA page 4 by AboutPictures
Practice VTA page 4
FINALLY, I am able to post this page after months now. And sadly, this doesn't look good at all; I mean, I should be improving now, erm but I stuck fr a while. So, here is the last of this awful coloring; I nead to find a way to create even better picture and shading.

Well, this page has no text, but you can clearly see what going on and what's going to happen; technically self explanatory. Gonna postpone this for now and will draw some random stuff I am able.

Previous page:…

C) to their respective owners.

:icon7theaven: for the Original Vangard story.
:iconaboutpictures: for the drawing and this fanfic story.

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